Top 10 Bongs

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Below are the top 10 bongs we have laid out for you. Click the title of each bong to get a little more information about that particular bong. Each of these bongs are high quality and impressively priced.  The bongs are shipped straight out out AMSTERDAM, and usually take 2 weeks to receive, not bad for 40% price cut.

1.Biohazard Glass Ice Bong with Percolator

2.Crazy Frog Glass Bong

3.Double Percolator Glass Bong

4.Straight Shot Gas Mask Bong With a Grip

5.The Glass Whopper Bong

6.Black Leaf Tree Percolator Ice Bong

7.Yellow Percolator Ice Bong

8.Thick 9mm Ice Bong

9.Percolator Ice bong From Blaze Glass

10.750 Monumental Magic Glass Bong