Stoners Love 7-Eleven

7-Eleven is a mecca of stoner awesomeness. Just picture being out late at night, and needing something that you can’t find anywhere, because everything is closed. Then, on the horizon, like a desert oasis, you see that wonderful green, red, orange and white sign. Oh thank heaven…

Really, what’s not to love about 7-Eleven? It’s a 24-hour establishment that sells absolutely everything a stoner could ever need in a pinch.

  • Munchies: Check
  • Drinks: Check
  • Paraphernalia: Check
  • Foil: Check
  • Tape: Check
  • Baggies: Check
  • Cigarettes: Check
  • Beer: Check
  • Entertainment: Check

The food at 7-Eleven alone is enough to make it notable. Take the nachos for instance, for only a couple of bucks you get a plate full of chips, machine-dispensed cheese, something they call chili, and a salsa bar full of onions, pico de gallo, jalapeños, and even sauerkraut to load on top. As long as you don’t go questioning how old the toppings are, or how stale the chipsStoners have become, these nachos will always hit the spot.

Then there’s the grill, complete with the Big Bite, Smokey Bite, Cheese Bite, Breakfast Bite, and whatever other kind of Bite they happen to have laying around. These things are great, maybe not the best hot dogs in the world, but they have to be on the list. Plus, after you’ve been handed you your hot dog of choice, you can choose to keep it simple with ketchup/mustard, or head over the nacho station/salsa bar and deck your meal out with every topping known to man.

If you’re really lucky, there will be some taquitos on grill. 7-Eleven taquitos are the bomb! They have got real creative with the fillings over the years too. You got Monterey Jack & Chicken, Cream Cheese & Jalapeño, Steak & Cheese, Taco & Cheese, and Buffalo Chicken. Everyone’s got their favorite, but they’re all grub.

munchiesMaybe the best part of all, is that the staff is supposed to throw their hot dogs and taquitos away on a daily basis. That means that if you get your timing just right, you may be able to catch clerk right before that happens and score yourself a great deal. 7-Eleven employees have been known to give out “buy 1, get 3 free”-type arrangement in the late-night hours.

That’s not all either, let’s not forget about the infamous Slurpee. You take a gigantic 44-ounce cup and strategically fill it with layers of frozen goodness, until you can build the perfect tower of colorful flavor. Sometimes it looks so cool, you even feel bad about drinking it. Perhaps the only drawback to the whole Slupree–stoner concept is that when you are too hight, you might forget about brainfreeze—which sucks!

Of course, every gas station will sell some of this stuff, but only a 7-Eleven guarantees you will find everything you need, every time. Take the awesome 7-Eleven food, 24-hour convenience, and all the other random useful stuff they sell, and what you got is a store that seems like it was built with stoners in mind.