Gas Mask Bong With a Water-pipe Attachment

Cool gas mask bong that has a hose water pipe. This makes the gas mask much more easier to transport. Fits mostgas mask bongheads comfortably. Get some swimming goggles if you dont want read eyes and be able to see.

  • Tight fit
  • Water hose
  • Mobile

glass gas mask bong

Curved Glass Tube Gas Mask Bong

If you like your glass bongs, then the curved glass tube glass bong is for you! The Size of the mask fits mostgas mask bongspeople comfortably. You might want to get some goggles for your eyes, but thats your choice.

  • Tightly Sealed
  • Glass Curved Tube
  • $75

glass gas mask bong

Straight Shot Acrylic Gas Mask Bong

Get a solid straight shot up in your face with this gas mask bong. Acrylic, tightly sealed gas mask will fits most heads gas mask bongscomfortably so no smoke escapes. Make sure you get some goggles to go with this bong.

  • Acrylic Straight Shot
  • Tightly Sealed
  • $63

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Acrylic Tube Curved Gas Mask Bong

Gas Mask Bongs are a new way of smoking. This gas mask bong is adjustable to fit most heads comfortably. Don’t let anygas mask bong smoke get away with this gas mask bong, it’s all up in your face. Haha, make sure you close your eyes or get some goggles to wear under the gas mask.

  • Acrylic Tube
  • detachable
  • Snuggy fit
  • Great Hits
  • $65

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