Steel Smoking Pipes

Steel Smoking Pipes – Practical and Functional Pipes That Will Meet All Your Smoking Needs

Smokers are methodical beings, and are very partial when it comes to the subject of paraphernalia. People that smoke out of papers, tend to stick with papers; people that smoke from glass, tend to stick with glass. When it comes to steel smoking pipes, it’s no different, smokers are usually very for it, or very against it.

It’s unfortunate, but there are too many folks out that never gave steel the chance it deserved. If they only knew how many benefits steel brings to the table, they would probably change their minds.

The first advantage, is the most obvious one—steel is very durable. You never have to worry about it breaking, cracking, burning, or melting. This is something that you cannot say for any other kind of pipe.

Steel pipes are, for the most part, less expensive than pipes made out other materials. This is partially due to the actual cost of steel, and partially due to the fact that they can be manufactured in bulk and don’t take the same level of hand crafting that glass and wood requires. That doesn’t stop them from looking cool, however. Steel pipes can be every bit as attractive as pipes made out of glass. In fact, some of the most interesting pipe designs you will ever see are made from steel.

Pipes made from anodized and galvanized steel are some of the best looking of all. This is the process that allows steel to take on a colored appearance, and not just look like plain metal. Moreover, the anodization/galvanization also reduces steel’s naturally corrosive properties—in other words, colored steel pipes do not rust very easily.

Just like pipes made from glass, wood, or plastic, steel pipes come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Some are formed in a single structure, while others are made from a combinations of several interconnecting parts.

The multi-piece versions are particularly innovative, because they are designed with a common thread size, and therefore all pieces are generally interchangeable. What this means is that you can mix and match different bowls, chambers, mouthpieces, connectors, spacers, and covers until you get a design that you like. This not only gives you flexibility in design, but also in size. A very simple pipe can be constructed by as little as four or five pieces. On the other hand, you could put together twenty or more and build a huge pipe that really stands out from the crowd.

The chamber sections are especially useful, because you can use them to create an extra compartment to store excess smoking material. This will act as a filter, proving you with smoother smoke and increased taste. Additionally, as you smoke through this “filtering system”, the contents of the chamber will collect resin, and thus increase in potency for later use.

The ability to add a cover is a unique characteristic of steel pipes, that is rarely seen in other pipe varieties. This is the best when you need to be discreet, or want to smoke on the go. Even if you can find a cover for a glass or wooden pipe, it wouldn’t be threaded so you couldn’t put it in your pocket without worrying about the bowl’s contents spilling.

If you don’t own a steel smoking pipe, maybe it’s time that you give one a try. There are many kinds to choose from, and if you have a look around there’s a good chance you’ll find something that matches your personal style.