Crazy Colors

Crazy Color Glass Pipes Are the Coolest Looking Pipes – Period!

Crazy color glass pipes look sweet!

Seriously, have you ever taken a deep look at a high-quality hand-blown glass pipe? Those things twist, turn, and spin colors in every which direction. You can follow a line that starts as orange and then it might turn into red, and before you know it, it wraps around into some kind of new spiraling pattern.

Then, there are the other styles that prefer to keep things simple, but still look equally as rad. This type will only use one, or two colors, and instead of going all crazy with the design, they keep things smooth and uniform. These can surprise you, because at first glance they may look less intricate, but when look at it hard, it becomes obvious that just as much artistry went in to it as a crazy-twisty-color version.

The best part is the anticipation of what the color will do after you start using it. As resin starts to build on the inside of the glass, your colors are going to change. It’s kind of like what Forest Gump said about the chocolates, “you never know what you’re gonna get.”

Some of the colors are so subtle that you won’t even see them through the transparency of the glass. However, once you light up, the main body fills with smoke, and BAM! a rainbow of new colors jumps out at you. This happens because the smoke gives a nice white background for the pipe’s colors to reflect off of, making what was once un-noticeable now appear bold and vibrant.

Have you ever wondered about how they get all those colors in there?

There are a couple different techniques, but most revolve around the use of iron rods, clear glass rods, and colored-glass rods. The glassmaker will melt the colored glass on top of the clear glass, then fold, cover, or twist the colored glass inside of more clear glass, until finally pulling it into a long thin rod that is used specifically for embellishment purposes. Glassmakers will generally preparer several of these decorating rods before even starting to make a pipe.

It’s much easier to understand by seeing with your own eyes.

It doesn’t matter what kind of crazy color glass pipes you choose, it’s all personal preference, and they’re all equally as sweet. In the end, you’re going to get an awesome piece, that blows the smoothest smoke, and that will last forever (as long as you take care of it).