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Black Ice ROOR Bong

roor bong reviewsThese bongs are Made in Germany

ROOR logo in solid black
Comes with a  non-diffuser downtube and sliding glass funnel bowl with ROOR logo and colored glass roll stopper
Downtube length: 15.5cm
Choose 14.5mm or 18.8mm joint size
Ice Bong: YES
No carb hole

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Black Logo 5.0mm Glass ROOR Bong

roor bong reviewROOR is known for their quality glass bongs, hence the price.

  • Manufacturer:  ROOR
  • Ice: Yes
  • Downtube Size: 11cm
  • Glass Thickness:  5.0 mm
  • No Carb hole
  • No Ice notches

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Biohazard Glass Ice Bong with Percolator

The Biohazard Elite Glass Ice Bong has a Percolator for an extra smooth hit. Can you imagine that? A Glass bong with a percolator that holds ice! It doesn’t get any better than that.Ice Bongbelow are a few specs about the bong. Click the buy now button to get more reviews on Ice Bongs.

  • Manufacturer:  BioHazard
  • Height:  36 cm / 14 inch
  • Glass Thickness:  5 mm
  • Diameter:  50 mm
  • Ice:  Yes
  • Joint Size:  18.8 mm

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Thick 9mm Ice Bong

If you are ever paranoid that your going to knock your bong over and break it? Have no fear, with this 9mm Ice Bong made by BioHazard, that’s never going to happen. Add some icebongand enjoy!

  • Manufacturer:  BioHazard
  • Height:  44 cm /17.3
  • Glass Thickness:  9 mm
  • Diameter:  50 mm
  • Ice:  Yes
  • Joint Size:  18.8 mm