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Green Black Leaf Stemless Inline Tube 6 arm Peculator Glass Bong

black leaf glass bongA cool bong that is a little different, by different, it lays on its side. Forget about breaking bongs, just set this guy on its side and dont worry about tipping it over any more.

      • Rests horizontally on clear glass ergonomic handle
      • Green glass accents
      • 10-slit inline perc
      • 6-arm slitted tree perc
      • Splash guard
      • Large green 14.5mm bowl included
      • Ice notches
      • No carb hole


glass bong

ROOR Little Sista White & Red With Ice Notches

ROOR Bong ReviewAnother great bong from ROOR, this bong has Ice notches for a colder smoother hit.
These are made in Germany
ROOR logo in white with red outline and colored dot underneath
Comes with a non-diffuser downtube and sliding glass funnel bowl and colored glass roll stopper with ROOR logo
Downtube length: 15.5cm
Choose 14.5mm or 18.8mm joint size

You will not be dissatisfied with the little ista ROOR Ice Bong
big bong

Blue ROOR Straight Cylinder Glass Bong

Glass ROOR BongCheck out the classic blue straight water bong


These are made in Germany

ROOR logo with colored glass on the bottom

Downtube Lenght: 12.5cm

No ice notices

No carb hole

Pick your joint size
big bong