Percolator Bongs

Percolator Bongs – Possibly the Most Innovative Bong Ever Invented!

Percolator bongs belong in a category all by themselves. This type of bong is perfect for the smoker who places smoke quality above all other things. When smoothest of the smooth is the question, the percolator bong is the answer –Ice Bongsaccept no substitute!

Just in case you are unfamiliar with the concept of percolation, I will attempt to explain.

Picture, if you will, a simple double chamber bong. You have the base bong complete with bowl and down stem, and then you have a second chamber that the smoke travels through for extra filtration.

Now imagine talking that second chamber, shrinking it down and stuffing it inside of the base chamber, slightly above the water. This is the basic principle behind a percolation system.If you are still unclear about what I am describing, there are plenty of pictures for you to view here at our bong store.

Filtered Smoke

BongsThe smoke is cooled and filter one time as it initially passes through the water, then it gets yet another round of cooling and filtering as it passes through the percolator. By the time you clear the chamber and inhale the the smoke, what you are left with is a clean, crisp, cloud of smoke that doesn’t contain even a hint of harshness.

The actual percolating system comes in a few different flavors. The most common are the dome and tree style. However, in more recent years, the double helix and pedestal have started gaining more popularity. All of the systems work equally well, and the one implemented is usually chosen based on the size, form-factor, and overall bong design.

Smooth Bong Hits

BongThe most crucial part of a percolator bong’s functionality is air flow. If a bong is not built properly it will not clear all of your smoke, it can be hard to pull, or it can create too much back pressure (i.e., bong water will travel back up your stem and get your bowl wet.) This is why it is most important that you only purchase the highest quality professional percolator bongs, like the ones available at our bong store.

If the percolation system is still not enough for you, you can take it a step further employing the use of a diffuser.

Basically, a diffuser is nothing more than a downstem where the one end is completely open and the other (the end in the water) consists of many screen-like holes. This causes the smoke to break up, or diffuse, and creates many smaller bubbles, rather than a few larger ones. The end result is a cooler, softer hit of smoke.

Most smokers that are serious about smoothness and flavor will agree that bongs using a percolated system will always surpass their single-chamber equivalents. In fact, the percolator-type bong is the only bong that is known to produce colder and smoother smoke than ice bongs.