Mini Bongs

Big Smoke – Small Size! Our Bong Store Has All The Mini Bongs You Desire!

Mini bongs attract more buyers than almost any other product at our bong store. There isn’t much wrong you can say about them, they’re small, inexpensive, and cool looking.

How small is a mini bong? Well, it depends on the specific design, but some are little as 5 inches. You may question howbongs such a small thing could even qualify as a bong, and you would have every right to do so. It’s kind of hard to believe, but I assure you that these little smoking machines bring everything to the table that you would expect in a high quality pipe.

You know what they say, “big things come in small packages.” This is especially true when it comes to the subject of mini bongs. Just because they are tiny, doesn’t mean that they can’t pack a hard hit. In reality, you can blow smoke from a mini bong that can rival that of even the most hardcore huge bongs.

If your in the mood to smoke a small amount, but still want the water-cooled bong effect, nothing is more convenient as having a mini bong on hand. Not that there is anything wrong with regular pipes, they just aren’t bongs, and when you want to smoke from a bong, only a bong can fulfill the need. Any bong lover knows exactly what I’m talking about. What really makes mini bongs so great, is the fact that they are discreet. When you are done with them it’s never a problem finding a place to store it away. This is the polar opposite of those huge bongs that need their own special place in yourmini bongs room. Plus, if you want to get away, they are easy to take apart, and small enough to fit in just about any travel bag.

If your smoking with a group of friends and you don’t want to bother passing a big water pipe bongsaround the room, a mini bong is just the perfect solution. On the other hand, if you are smoking all buy your self and just aren’t feeling festive enough to break out your “big guns”, a mini bong can also be nice to have around.

For the price they can’t be beat. Some of smallest acrylic bongs will only run around a ten dollars. Even some glass varieties won’t cost you much more than that.

There is a reason that mini bongs are so popular at bong stores. Add the convenience of a small discreet pipe, with the smooth clean smoke of a bong and you got yourself something that any seasoned smoker would enjoy.