Ice Bongs

If You Hate Harsh Smoke The Ice Bongs In Our Bong Store Are Just What You Need!

Every smoker should have at least one ice bong in their collection. If you have never tried one, all I can say is that once you start smoking with ice, it is hard quit. There are many ice bong styles in our bong store to choose from, but if you don’t know where to start, you have come to the right place.

For starters, it’s best to understand why ice bongs are preferred by so many smokers.Ice Bong

If you have been smoking for any length of time, you have undoubtedly inhaled some nasty harsh smoke at some point in the past. For the most part, smoke will only get harsh for a few reasons: poor quality tobacco, dirty equipment, or hot smoke.

While there is no way we can really help you with the first two issues, the third is easily avoidable by using an ice bong. You see, by creating a ice cold passage for smoke to travel through, even the most potent smoke can be inhaled without coughing. If you are a serious smoker, you can see how this could be beneficial to you.

What separates an ice bong from any other products in our bong store, is – as thepercolator ice bongname implies – the ability to fill it full of ice. This means that a for a bong to be classified as an ice bong, it must have a opening large enough to fit ice cubes in to, and it must be durable enough to withstand the freezing cold temperature of ice.

Your Lungs Will Also Love Your New  Ice Bong

Some ice bongs are nothing more than well-shaped glass water bongs. While others are specifically designed with a separate chamber for bongholding ice. The latter type is especially convenient because they will not overflow with water as the ice cubes melt.

When you trade in hot and dry bong hits, with the cool smooth soothing smoke from an ice bong, you will wonder why you didn’t start smoking with ice earlier. One of the main reasons people prematurely quit a smoke session, is that annoying cough and soar throat associated with harsh smoke. When you are only inhaling ice-cold smoke, this is never a problem.

If you commonly smoke off of mini bongs or acrylics, then you know how painful this experience can be at times. A quality ice bong can solve that problem for good. Plus, when compared to other bong types, ice bongs are relatively inexpensive. So next time you are looking through our bong store, take a look at the different ice bong varieties that are available.

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