Glass Bongs

Glass Water Bongs – A Perfect Place To Start When You’re Looking To Buy Bongs!

Ahh, glass water bongs… The quintessential centerpiece to any smoker’s paraphernalia arsenal.

The traditional glass bong is something of a classic for smokers world wide. Glass water bongs have probably beenBuy Bongsresponsible for breaking in more virgin lungs than all other bong types combined. People tend to stick to what works, so when it is time to buy, bongs like this are often the first choice.

In case you’re new to bongs, a glass water bong works like this: As you draw air through the mouth piece, smoke gently makes its way from the bowl, down the stem, through a reservoir of water, in to the main chamber, and finally in to your lungs. The process makes for a hit that is smoother, larger, and all around superior to what can be accomplished in a dry-smoke environment.

Great Hits From Glass Bongs

Buy BongsOne thing that people love about a glass bong’s design, is the way the bowl and stem is used as the carburation system. Unlike some other bong styles, there is no carb hole on the back, or side, of the main tube. This is great because you never have to worry about dirty bong water spilling on your floor – or lap for that matter. Instead, when you are ready to take your hit, you can simply slide the bowl out of the stem, and plenty of clean, water-filtered, air will flow in and clear the chamber.

As if that smoke wasn’t smooth enough already, you can even add ice to the smoke chamber of your glass bong to help cool the smoke down even more. Everyone knows that the hotterGlass Bongssmoke is, the harsher it tastes. The glass these bongs are made from is thick and strong, so you don’t have to worry about the ice causing any kind of damage to your water pipe.

Once upon a time, bongs were pretty vanilla in nature, but not any more. The modern day smoker has many shapes, sizes, colors, stems and bowls to choose from. The smoker that loves his pipes as much as the act of smoking its self, will also love the flexibility he gets from a glass water bong.

There’s a number of reasons why people buy bongs of this type. When you think about it, they’re near perfect. They give off ultra-smooth hits, they’re easy to clean, parts are readily available for replacement, and best of all they look rad when in use!