Clear Glass Percolator Ice Bong

This Ice Bong has a 3 arm percolator with a round chamber. When you buy the bong, it also comes with a down stem and bowl to use right when you get it!Percolator Ice Bong

  • Manufacturer:  BLAZE Glass
  • Height:  46 cm / 18 inches
  • Glass Thickness:  5 mm
  • Diameter:  50 mm
  • Ice:  Yes
  • Joint Size:  18.8 mm / 14.5 mm
  • Sand Blasted:  Yes

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Percolator Ice Bong with a 6 Arm Tree Percolator

This Ice Percolator Bong has a 6 arm percolator and is made for glass. So if you want a smooth filtered hit, The Black Leaf Ice Percolator bong is for you. Comes with a diffuser downstemIce Bong and matching bowl.

  • Manufacturer:  Black Leaf
  • Height:  38 cm / 14.9 inch
  • Glass Thickness:  5 mm
  • Diameter:  45 mm
  • Ice:  Yes

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Thick 9mm Ice Bong

If you are ever paranoid that your going to knock your bong over and break it? Have no fear, with this 9mm Ice Bong made by BioHazard, that’s never going to happen. Add some icebongand enjoy!

  • Manufacturer:  BioHazard
  • Height:  44 cm /17.3
  • Glass Thickness:  9 mm
  • Diameter:  50 mm
  • Ice:  Yes
  • Joint Size:  18.8 mm


Percolator Ice bong From Blaze Glass

This Ice Bong is manufactured by Blaze Glass. The down stem included some with a slit diffuser along with a large bowl. Percolator will give you an extra filtered hit making it feel smoother.percolator ice bong

  • Manufacturer:  BLAZE Glass
  • Height:  46 cm / 18 inches
  • Glass Thickness:  5 mm
  • Diameter:  50 mm
  • Ice:  Yes
  • Joint Size:  18.8 mm / 14.5 mm

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Basic Mini Bong With a Punch

Although this mini bong might be slow it makes a perfect first bong, and the reviews just prove that. This bong might get dirty fast, so make sure you keep up in cleaning mini bongs

  • Perfect first bong
  • Cheap Price
  • Glass Mini Bong

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Glass Mini Bong with Conical Tubing

Another little simple cool mini bong. The tubing on this particular bong is conical  as you can see in the product photo. Hits great, but make sure you do not add to much water.bongs

  • Conical Tube
  • Pot Leaf Logo
  • Height: 12,5 cm/ 4.9 Inches

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Pocket Sized Glass Mini Bong

This mini bong is what you call a mini bong. The bowl is a nice size so don’t worry about that. Just make sure you be careful with this piece because it’s fragile. bongs

  • Pot Leaf on Front
  • Hits Good
  • Portable
  • Fragile

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Small Glass Mini Bong

Small glass mini bong with a pot leaf. This is a mini bong and only require a little water to be added. Check out moremini bongsreviews by clicking the buy now link.

  • Glass Mini Bong
  • Pot Leaf
  • $11.40

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Molino Mini Glass Bong

This little bong you might underestimate, but thinking you wont get big hits from this mini bong is just foolish. Thismini bongsbong doesnt require to much water, so you don’t have to worry about it getting all up in your mouth you hit it.

  • Manufacture: Molino Glass
  • Cool detail on the mouth piece

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Gas Mask Bong With a Water-pipe Attachment

Cool gas mask bong that has a hose water pipe. This makes the gas mask much more easier to transport. Fits mostgas mask bongheads comfortably. Get some swimming goggles if you dont want read eyes and be able to see.

  • Tight fit
  • Water hose
  • Mobile

glass gas mask bong

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