Black Ice ROOR Bong

roor bong reviewsThese bongs are Made in Germany

ROOR logo in solid black
Comes with a  non-diffuser downtube and sliding glass funnel bowl with ROOR logo and colored glass roll stopper
Downtube length: 15.5cm
Choose 14.5mm or 18.8mm joint size
Ice Bong: YES
No carb hole

big bong

ROOR Little Sista White & Red With Ice Notches

ROOR Bong ReviewAnother great bong from ROOR, this bong has Ice notches for a colder smoother hit.
These are made in Germany
ROOR logo in white with red outline and colored dot underneath
Comes with a non-diffuser downtube and sliding glass funnel bowl and colored glass roll stopper with ROOR logo
Downtube length: 15.5cm
Choose 14.5mm or 18.8mm joint size

You will not be dissatisfied with the little ista ROOR Ice Bong
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Blue ROOR Straight Cylinder Glass Bong

Glass ROOR BongCheck out the classic blue straight water bong


These are made in Germany

ROOR logo with colored glass on the bottom

Downtube Lenght: 12.5cm

No ice notices

No carb hole

Pick your joint size
big bong

Black Logo 5.0mm Glass ROOR Bong

roor bong reviewROOR is known for their quality glass bongs, hence the price.

  • Manufacturer:  ROOR
  • Ice: Yes
  • Downtube Size: 11cm
  • Glass Thickness:  5.0 mm
  • No Carb hole
  • No Ice notches

big bong

A Great Stoner Food That is Often Taken For Granted!

It’s a pretty well-known fact that pizza is the ultimate stoner food. But, is pizza always the best cure for the munchies? Your reflexive mind may tell to answer yes. However, if you give it a little closer thought, you may realize that there are situations where pizza isn’t really the best solution.

Consider this…

You get home for the day, and you can’t wait to get high. So, you do what any stoner would do, you start smoking. Unless you are one of those super organized stoners, you probably forgot to take care of your food needs prior to your smoke session.Stoner Food

Now, you are already stoned and hungry as hell. There’s no way you are going to wait 30 minutes for a pizza to be delivered. You could always go pick one up, but thats not really any faster, and plus, you’re high so you shouldn’t be driving. Quick, check the freezer! If you’re lucky, you might just have one of those frozen excuses for a pizza on hand. Oh, but wait… is that really any quicker?

First, you have to pre-heat your oven, which takes about five to ten minutes. Then, you have to let your pizza bake another ten to fifteen minutes. Finally, you’re going have to let it cool down at least another five minutes after it’s finished. By these calculations, that frozen pizza is going to take you around the same time to eat as a delivery—and it’s not even as good! Either way, by the time the pizza gets there, you will be damn near sober, and won’t even get to enjoy your post-smoking indulgence properly.

So, what can you do to alleviate the situation?

Don’t fret! You just need to forget about pizza for a minute! There’s another stoner food that’s more appropriate for the circumstance, and equally as tasty. That food, my friend, is cereal. Yes, the same stuff that you eat for breakfast, is perhaps the most versatile of all stoner foods.

First and foremost, it’s the absolute quickest thing that you can prepare. Not even a sandwich can be thrown together as quickly as a bowl of cereal. You pour, you pour, you eat. Nothing else to it.

  • It’s cold, and therefore does not run any risk of bodily harm. You will not be able to burn your hands, or mouth, on a bowl of cereal, so feel free to eat it as fast, slow, or clumsily as you want.
  • It only requires 2 dishes to prepare: a bowl, and a spoon. This means no messy clean up, before, or after consumption.
  • It’s cheap… very cheap. Even on the smallest budget, you can probably afford a gallon of milk and box of cereal.

Cereal comes in some totally rad flavors too. Here’s a trick for you, the more the product is aimed at children, the better it’s going to taste after smoking. For example, what do you think is going to be more appealing to your taste buds while under the influence, Corn Flakes or Frosted Flakes?

Finally, cereal is one of those 2-in-1 miracle products, as it’s one of the only things you can eat that will cure your munchies and cotton mouth at the same time. Aside from soup, there is no other food that will let you eat and drink at the same time. Because you don’t need a separate hand for your drink, you leave your other hand free to do more important things, like change the television channel.

In conclusion

Pizza may never be replaced completely as the top stoner food of all time. Still, it should be recognized that cereal has a lot of potential to give pizza a run for its money. Next time you’re about to torture yourself in the name of pizza delivery, stop yourself, have a bowl of cereal, and enjoy the moment while it lasts.

A Different Kind of Coffee Mug

Mugs, they have been around for ages. Mugs are the start to my day. I used to drink out of regular old lame coffee mugs. That was until my sister got me a Mustache Mug for Christmas this last year. These mugs are so rad! I mean, I can grow a mustache and all, but who wants to wait around for that?

These mugs make a perfect gift, they also make a great personal gift if your looking for something new. Below are just a few shots of the mugs, visit the website for more information.

Mustache Mug

Mustache Mugs

Music Stoners Love – 70’s Rock

Ask a group of 100 stoners who their favorite bands are, and you’re bound to notice some trends. You’re certain to hear a wide array of music tastes, but the one thing that is sure to remain consistent are the 70’s bands that get mentioned time and time again. Bands like Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, and The Doors are just as popular in today’s stoner culture as they were over 30 years ago. Is it really the music that makes this genre so popular? Sure, it does have a lot to do with it, but in reality, the music only plays a small hand in the spectrum of things. When you really analyze the situation, the real appeal behind 1970’s rock music, had a lot more to do with the lifestyle and image that these artists projected.

The 1970s yielded a generation unlike any other. While the 60’s hippie movement was all about Peace, Love, and Unity, it was the 70’s generation responsible for coining the term “Sex,The 70'sDrugs, and Rock & Roll”. A phrase that many people agree could sum up the decade quite well. It was a time when people lived to party and people partied to live. Of course, the music industry is still filled with plenty of artists that party hard and smoke it up big. That is something that will never change. However, the only type of music nowadays that glorifies stoner lifestyle as prominently as 70’s bands once did, is the rap industry.

Where it All Started

Not that there is anything wrong with rap music (we all know many stoners love to listen to rap), but loving rap music and living the hip-hop lifestyle are two very different things. There are very few stoners that would actually be willing to take a walk in their favorite rapper’s shoes, no matter how much they enjoy the music. Now, take the same group of stoners and ask how many would be willing to live the life of their favorite 70’s band, and, well, you probably already know the answer that you’re going to get. The truth of the matter is, most of these bands lived—or at least appeared to live—a life that could be considered a fantasy to any stoner.

Some of today’s older potheads were lucky enough to actually live through 70’s, but for many of the younger crowd, the 70s are something can only be experienced through Hollywood, stories, and of course, rock music. The 70s are something the current generation can only dream of… a time when weed was cheap, inhibitions were low, and rock music was all that mattered.

So, when you think about it from this angle, it’s not all that surprising that the music of that generation has lasted so long. It’s a theme that is timeless, something that stoners of yesteryear passed down to us, and our generation will do our part to pass on to the next.

Barley Legal Miley Cyrus Taking Bong Rips!

Miley Cyrus was caught on tape taking bong rips of salvia! Note, Miley just turned 18 this month and shes already toking it up. In case you don’t know, Salvia is a legal psychedelic herb that is sold in smoke shops all over the country. After the smoke sesh, Miley starts to get really silly.
Miley Cyrus Bong

The word is that someone stole this footage from one of Miley’s friends phone.

If you would like to see the full video, you can do so by visiting Here

A Simple But Delicious Stoner Munchie

If your looking for a simple but delightful midnight munchie, you should try this.

Things you need:

  • Flour tortillas
  • Nutellas

stoner munchies

Stoners Love 7-Eleven

7-Eleven is a mecca of stoner awesomeness. Just picture being out late at night, and needing something that you can’t find anywhere, because everything is closed. Then, on the horizon, like a desert oasis, you see that wonderful green, red, orange and white sign. Oh thank heaven…

Really, what’s not to love about 7-Eleven? It’s a 24-hour establishment that sells absolutely everything a stoner could ever need in a pinch.

  • Munchies: Check
  • Drinks: Check
  • Paraphernalia: Check
  • Foil: Check
  • Tape: Check
  • Baggies: Check
  • Cigarettes: Check
  • Beer: Check
  • Entertainment: Check

The food at 7-Eleven alone is enough to make it notable. Take the nachos for instance, for only a couple of bucks you get a plate full of chips, machine-dispensed cheese, something they call chili, and a salsa bar full of onions, pico de gallo, jalapeños, and even sauerkraut to load on top. As long as you don’t go questioning how old the toppings are, or how stale the chipsStoners have become, these nachos will always hit the spot.

Then there’s the grill, complete with the Big Bite, Smokey Bite, Cheese Bite, Breakfast Bite, and whatever other kind of Bite they happen to have laying around. These things are great, maybe not the best hot dogs in the world, but they have to be on the list. Plus, after you’ve been handed you your hot dog of choice, you can choose to keep it simple with ketchup/mustard, or head over the nacho station/salsa bar and deck your meal out with every topping known to man.

If you’re really lucky, there will be some taquitos on grill. 7-Eleven taquitos are the bomb! They have got real creative with the fillings over the years too. You got Monterey Jack & Chicken, Cream Cheese & Jalapeño, Steak & Cheese, Taco & Cheese, and Buffalo Chicken. Everyone’s got their favorite, but they’re all grub.

munchiesMaybe the best part of all, is that the staff is supposed to throw their hot dogs and taquitos away on a daily basis. That means that if you get your timing just right, you may be able to catch clerk right before that happens and score yourself a great deal. 7-Eleven employees have been known to give out “buy 1, get 3 free”-type arrangement in the late-night hours.

That’s not all either, let’s not forget about the infamous Slurpee. You take a gigantic 44-ounce cup and strategically fill it with layers of frozen goodness, until you can build the perfect tower of colorful flavor. Sometimes it looks so cool, you even feel bad about drinking it. Perhaps the only drawback to the whole Slupree–stoner concept is that when you are too hight, you might forget about brainfreeze—which sucks!

Of course, every gas station will sell some of this stuff, but only a 7-Eleven guarantees you will find everything you need, every time. Take the awesome 7-Eleven food, 24-hour convenience, and all the other random useful stuff they sell, and what you got is a store that seems like it was built with stoners in mind.

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