There Are Many Glass Pipes and Bowls Available at Our Bong Store

If your looking for glass pipes and glass bowls, look no further because our bong store has everything you could ever want. Sure, every head shop sells glass pipes, but rarely will you find a collection as complete and inclusive as ours. It doesn’t matter what style you are looking for, we probably have something to fit your needs.

Just about every smoker has had some kind of glass piece at some point in time. Thats because people only like toIce Bongssmoke with the best, and a nice glass pipe, bowl, or bong brings a level of enjoyment that just can’t be touched.

Metal pipes are fine, I have nothing bad to say about them, but they are just not as elegant as a quality glass pipe. Plus, metal pipes are all basically the same, they are made from standard parts and there is not much difference between one and another. This is hardly a problem with glass pipes, however.

Glass pipes, especially the hand blown variety, are more commonly distinctly designed and therefore one of a kind.

You never have to worry about getting bored with glass pipes, as there are many styles to choose from. Some of the most popular are spoon pipes, glass calabash pipes (i.e., Sherlock Holmes style), and chillum pipes. On top of that, almost every kind of glass pipe can be found in different sizes and colors.

In our bong store, you can see pictures of all the different style pipes that are available.

Blown glass has one of the sweetest traits out of all pipes. As you continue to use it, the colors slowly start to transform.Bong Store What started off as a yellow, pink, and light-blue pipe, may later turn in to a deep purple, orange, and royal-blue pipe. There is nothing else in the smoking world that will give you this effect.

When it comes time to clean out your glass bowl or glass pipe, you will find it much easier than it is working with wood or metal. If at any time you want to throughly clean your pipe, so that it is just like new, all you have to do is place it in a pot of gently boiling water for a few minutes.

No matter your budget, there will be a glass bong or glass bowl out there to accommodate you. From inexpensive manufactured glass pieces, to hand-blown bowls, to huge glass bongs, our bong store offers something fit everyone’s needs.

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